General Childhood Concerns

Growth can have a large impact on children’s joints and muscles, leaving them susceptible to a variety of injuries or conditions that are specific to childhood. Our physiotherapists are experts in growth and development. They will be able to provide insight and address concerns that are specific to growing kids – while providing a fun and engaging experience! Please book a one hour initial assessment for any of the conditions outlined below, or give us a call for more information.

Pediatric Orthopedic Conditions

During childhood, conditions affecting the joints and muscles can occur. Generally, the earlier these conditions can be caught and therapy can be started, the better!

Growth Related Conditions

Although growth is demanding on the body, children shouldn’t be limited by growth related pain. These conditions can be managed with physiotherapy, allowing your child to remain active while they grow.


Children’s bones grow in the direction that their muscles pull them. How a child walks, sits and positions their body will impact how their joints and skeleton will ultimately be aligned. Poor alignment may result in injuries and inefficient motor skills. Signs of alignment concerns include: 

Luckily, our physiotherapists are experts at assessing and creating treatment plans for all the childhood conditions listed (and more!). Our clinics are outfitted with child-sized, fun equipment to help your children resolve their concerns and move their best through development!