Is your community lacking the physiotherapy services necessary to help babies, kids and teens thrive?
Do you want to create someone’s dream job in pediatrics?
Are you passionate about making physio fun?

We can help with that.

Beginning July 2019, we are inviting partners to join us in providing high quality, FUN physiotherapy across Canada, by opening a Kids Physio Group franchise.

With a track record of success through five clinics, dozens of employees, and over 10,000 families supported, Kids Physio Group has the tools and experience necessary to coach you through becoming a successful business owner within one year. Our systems and support, if repeated and coupled with hard work, will lead to success.

As a franchisee of Kids Physio Group you will have access to:

  • people, practices and recruitment support
  • clear operational systems to drive positive results
  • curated marketing materials
  • mentorship, training and ongoing leadership
  • flexibility in owning 100% of your own business
  • a well-established, reputable name and brand
  • potential area franchise opportunities

Our Mission

To provide the care needed for ALL kids to realize their absolute maximum potential and 100% recovery from injury.

Our Vision

Kids Physio Group sets the standard for pediatric physiotherapy and is renowned globally for making physio FUN.

Our Values