At Kids Physio, one of our core values is to provide fun, world-class physio – both in our clinics and beyond. We aim to raise the standard of pediatric care across the world, and believe that increasing access to quality education for both parents and physiotherapists will help to support children everywhere! Pediatric physiotherapy courses

For Parents

We get it! In this age of influencers, reliable information regarding your child’s health can be hard to find.

Many conditions improve readily when they are caught early and our goal is empower parents with information to allow them to support and advocate for their child’s care.

Our courses “For all learners” are designed with busy patents and caregivers in mind, and deliver important information tailored to very specific conditions or age ranges, so you can gain the knowledge important for you and your family, and get on with your day.

We recommend you also check out our events page for opportunities to learn from a knowledgable physiotherapist in your community!

For Physiotherapists

The gap between finishing physiotherapy school and becoming a confident pediatric practitioner can feel very wide. 

Through KPG Academy courses, you will gain skills to deliver evidence based, world-class, fun pediatric physiotherapy!

While many courses focus on very specific skills or techniques, we designed our education courses to help therapists become experts in development and child-specific physiotherapy care.

Each course contains video examples, voiced over lectures, case reflection questions as well as valuable resources you can immediately begin to integrate into your practic

Pediatric Physiotherapy Courses - Education for Pediatric Physiotherapists

Mentorship Opportunities

All Kids Physio Group clinics offer extensive pediatric mentorship opportunities including:

  • Access to all of Kids Physio’s internal learning modules,
  • A 6 month formal Mentorship Program that includes individualized coaching, monthly group topic reviews, and case based discussions with physiotherapists across the country,
  • Pairing with an experienced “clinical coach” to shadow, support your practice, answer on the fly questions, and assist with challenging cases,
  • On-going monthly meetings with your Clinical Manager to review clinical skills, support with building caseload and plan for on-going professional development,
  • Access to over 50 of Canada’s most accomplished pediatric physiotherapists’ brains via Kids Physio’s Slack network,
  • And so much more!

Please keep an eye out for postings on the Join our Team page to apply for these mentorship opportunities.

In an area without a Kids Physio clinic? Please email to discuss options to support your learning and kids in your area.

Pediatric Physiotherapy Courses
Pediatric Physiotherapy Courses - Learning at Kids Physio
Pediatric Physiotherapy Courses

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