Kids Physio Group recognizes that our unique team and diverse experience have positioned us well to support other clinic owners in achieving clinical, operational, and cultural excellence. Both our CEO, Laura Patrick, and Director of Growth & Operations, Carly Waring are passionate about the direction of the allied health profession, and have firmly established themselves as industry leaders who can provide valuable insights and education to other professionals. We are exploring opportunities to prioritize offering both coaching and consultation to those who feel alignment with what we’re doing, but are not pediatric physiotherapists looking to open a Kids Physio Group franchise location.


Educational Courses

Kids Physio Academy, see our Education Page for more information!

Learn more about Kids Physio’s Best Practices for Returning to the Clinic Embodia Course.

Recent Webinars

ThinkTank Podcast: Creating Healthcare Access for Families

Allied Webinar: Values in Action -Your Toolkit for Agile Decision Making Before and During Turbulent Times

Embodia Webinar: PT Together Ep 12: Emergency Planning & Infection Control for Physiotherapy Clinics

Janeapp Webinar: Returning to Work: A Conversation with Community Members Who Have Done It

Speaking Engagements

We are always looking for new ways to connect with our communities, and are often happy to contribute to podcasts, webinars, or live events. Please reach out to Laura via email ([email protected]) with your proposal.

Independent Contractor to Employee (Commission or Salary) Transition Support

Do you need support transitioning your contractors to employees?

Kids Physio transitioned their physiotherapists from independent contractors to employees in 2018, and have successfully hired and grown under this model. In the years since we have supported other clinics in doing the same and they have had the same success. 

Are you interested in doing the same? Get in touch! We offer consultation services and have documents and systems to help smooth the transition.

Contractor to Employee Private Consultation
One-on-one consultation with Carly Waring, Director of Growth & Operations, $750.00

Resources and Documents 

  • spreadsheet for determining/ changing compensation
  • template employment agreements
  • email templates for communication
  • rationale for the change
  • information on the commission employee model for new staff
  • several additional support documents


  • a 90 minute session to go through all documents
    • a focus on:
      •  the rationale,
      • the process, 
      • the spreadsheet for determining ‘fair’ compensation
  • up to two 15 minute follow up sessions to answer questions or discuss clinic specific scenarios
  • feedback and insights from clinics who have done it

Additional Support

We have started providing occasional 1:1 coaching and consultation to other clinicians and industry leaders, with a focus on female clinic owners. Please fill in this form if you have a specific ask, or would like more information about our offerings.