Interim Physiotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Interim Registered Physiotherapist/Physiotherapy Resident?

Interim Registered Physiotherapists, or Physiotherapy Residents are qualified physios registered to take the upcoming Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE) administered by the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR). They practice while under the supervision of a Registered Physiotherapist. The main difference between Registered Physios and Physio Residents is that residents are in the process of doing or waiting for the results of the final level of their Physiotherapy Competency Exam. During this stage, they’re obliged to go by the title “Physiotherapy Resident” until they officially pass the exam.

In British Columbia, they are known as Interim Registered Physiotherapists, while in Ontario and Nova Scotia, they are referred to as Physiotherapy Residents.

How do Interim Registered Physiotherapists/Physiotherapy Residents become fully licensed?

In Canada, aspiring physiotherapists need to undergo a registration process with the regulatory body specific to the province or territory where they intend to work. The CAPR provides regulators with information about candidates’ credentials and qualifications. 

Candidates are required to successfully pass the PCE, which serves as an assessment of the competencies necessary for the practice of physiotherapy. The PCE consists of two components: a written component, followed by a clinical component.

More information about Physiotherapy Regulation in Canada can be found here.

How long does it take a physiotherapist to become licensed?

The length of time ranges and the process to complete the registration process varies by province.

What happens if a candidate has passed the first test but has not yet been able to write the second?

They would still be able to practice under supervision in this case. They maintain their title until they have successfully completed both parts of the examination. Physios can practice for years with this title, simply because they haven’t had a chance to complete their practical exam. 

Interim Registered Physiotherapists work on their degrees, gain clinical experience, and participate in our own activities and courses, which means day after day, they add to their knowledge and expertise. This is all part of how we create an engaging environment for the Kids Physio team and the families we serve.

Can I access my funding or extended health benefits if my child sees an Interim Registered Physiotherapist/Physiotherapy Resident?

Yes! Since they have successfully completed their education and several clinical placements, they are able to see clients independently, bill under their own name and registration number, and offer physiotherapy services covered by insurance.

What does supervision look like for an Interim Registered Physiotherapist/Physiotherapy Resident at Kids Physio?

Kids Physio Group provides comprehensive mentorship and support to all of our team members, no matter their title. Each member of our team is partnered with a clinical coach and completes rigorous training in pediatrics. This includes online learning modules, group discussions, and shadow sessions with a wide variety of children.

Interim Registered Physiotherapists have a supervisor who is available to provide support and report to the provincial college that they are practicing appropriately and meeting all requirements.