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About Let's Play

Let’s Play Vision: Every child in BC with a mobility-related physical disability has a healthy and happy start to being physically active.

Let’s Play is an initiative of the BC Wheelchair Basketball Society that helps children with mobility-related physical disabilities across British Columbia become physically active early in life and encourages them to stay that way.  Let’s Play provides an age-appropriate size sport wheelchair and resources to develop physical literacy skills so that children can confidently participate in play, sport and physical education with their peers.  

Health care providers, school personnel, community leaders and parents work with BC Wheelchair Basketball to identify children and provide the resources required to build fundamental movement and wheelchair sport skills in an inclusive environment…laying a foundation for life long enjoyment and if desired, for sporting success.  By supporting our Let’s Play kids in the school environment we also expose thousands of children without disabilities to the concepts of disability awareness, acceptance and inclusion which has a significant impact on the social setting in which our Let’s Play kids develop their skills and confidence.


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