At Kids Physio Group, our goal every day is to promote the health and safety of all patients and their families, so we have implemented several new procedures to do just that. Your session may look a little bit different, but we are committed to continuing to provide fun, world-class physiotherapy. Thank you so much for your support, and for taking the time to read these new policies and procedures.

Before Your Visit


During Your Visit


Our Cleaning & Sanitizing Process 

  • All staff and clients will be required to thoroughly wash their hands before and after each session
  • We have inventoried all of our toys and equipment and removed anything that can’t be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. 
  • All toys and equipment that are used during a session will be cleaned and disinfected before use in another session 
  • We are following a very thorough wash → disinfect → air dry protocol for cleaning all toys and equipment
  • Sessions will be spaced out to allow enough time for cleaning and disinfecting between clients. We are starting with 30 minutes to be super safe, but may reduce this to 15 minutes when we bring support staff in to help 
  • Each treatment area will only be used by one physiotherapist at a time, for the entirety of their shift


What can you do to support us? 

  1. Please do not come into the clinic if you or your child are sick.
  2. Continue to use Telehealth if it is appropriate and working for your family.
  3. Be patient! These new procedures significantly limit the number of clients we can see per day, so appointments will be limited.


Clinic Updates 

You can see clinic specific updates on each clinic’s LOCATION page! 



Which clinics are open?

Right now BC has received the okay from the province and physiotherapy college to return to in-clinic sessions. All of our clinics in BC are starting to see clients, for whom in-person sessions are clinically more appropriate than telehealth sessions. You can see each clinic’s location page for any clinic-specific details. Ontario does not yet have a set date that they will be returning to in-person sessions, but both Toronto and Hamilton continue to offer virtual sessions!


Do you still have a cancellation policy?

Yes, our regular cancellation policy is still in effect for both telehealth and in-clinic sessions. As you can imagine, a lot of preparation goes into getting ready for your appointment, so 24 hours notice is required to move or cancel an appointment. If you are booked for an in-person session but it is determined that you do not meet the pre-screening criteria, your session will be changed to a virtual appointment at the same scheduled time.


I previously had appointments booked, what is happening with those?

Great question! We are currently calling all clients with appointments that were previously scheduled, and we will discuss whether coming into the clinic, booking a virtual session, or rescheduling will be the most appropriate option for your family. 


What are you asking in the Pre-Screen Questionnaire?

We will ask if you or anyone in your household have experienced any of the 15 COVID-19 symptoms that are common in children or adults. You will also be asked if anyone in your household has recently travelled outside of Canada, or if you have been in contact with someone with a known case of COVID-19. Finally, we will ask for consent to take you and your child’s temperature with a touchless thermometer when you arrive for your appointment.


Will kids and parents be required to wear masks?

Your therapist will be wearing a mask, and masks are recommended for everyone else. We will chat more about your personal circumstances during your appointment pre-screen, but typically we will require guardians to wear masks if they’ll ever be within 2m of the therapist, and children to wear masks if they are able to. We will never ask children under 2 to wear a mask because of the risk of suffocation. 


How are you going to sanitize all those toys? 

You will notice fewer toys available during your session, but don’t worry… we have carefully inventoried and separated everything to be sure our therapists will have all the tools they need to make your appointment fun and engaging. We have also created specific cleaning procedures for all of our different toys and equipment, which will be implemented between each use of an item.


I want to book an in-person appointment but don’t see that option. How do I book?

Please give us a call! As much as we would LOVE to see everyone in person – we genuinely miss you!!- we are being very mindful about only booking in-person appointments when it is clinically appropriate. Telehealth appointments can still be booked online.