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Clinic Owner

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About Kara

Kara grew up in Eastern Ontario in the small city of Brockville. Being heavily involved in athletics including soccer, basketball, badminton, volleyball and softball from early childhood, it came as no surprise to anyone that she pursue a career related to health care and human movement.

Kara has spent her career working in orthopaedics, home care, community paediatrics, school health services and private paediatrics. Her passion has always been working with children and has been doing so exclusively since 2012.

With a keen interest in biomechanics and athletics, Kara has a passion for working with kids with sports injuries. Being an athlete herself, Kara understands what sport means to kids and loves helping them return to full strength and participation in the activities they love.

Having CME levels I and II has also provided Kara with the skills to work with children who have mobility impairments. Over the years, she has experienced great joy in assisting kids to walk independently and hit major gross motor milestones.

Kara is also a faculty member at the McMaster School of Rehabilitation Science. As an adjunct professor, she is part of the team running the Paediatric Elective for McMaster Physiotherapy students.

You can find Kara running at Bayfront Park, Hamilton’s beach front or simply around the neighbourhood. Her favourite places, however, are the hockey arena (you can see her on the bench as a Trainer or excitedly watching her kids play) and the baseball diamond.

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Education Background

  • Honours Bachelor of Science Kinesiology from McMaster University
  • MScPT from McMaster University
  • Upper quadrant Orthopedic Manual Therapy course 1 and 2

  • McMaster Contemporary Acupuncture course
  • Level one and two in Cueves Medek Exercises (CME)
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