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About Dawn

Dawn grew up in Peru, Saudi Arabia, and Saskatchewan! She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan as a Registered Nurse in 2005. Since then, she has been working in Emergency in one way or another!

Her passion for opening a Kids Physio clinic stems back to finding the best services and treatment available for children. She has always been a strong advocate for appropriate care for children, and her advocacy has only increased since her youngest son was diagnosed with clubfeet at birth.

Dawn was first introduced to Kids Physio by a mom in Vancouver, whose child also has club feet. When she realized there was a lack of paediatric-focused clinics in Saskatoon, she decided that she would make it available, using her drive, and hospital/clinic management experience to make her goal into a reality. Dawn is beyond excited to be able to offer this support and service to children in Saskatchewan.

In her spare time, Dawn loves cooking for friends, travelling the world, and camping anywhere with a lake, that she can paddle board on with her husband and kids. In 2021, she founded a charity for clubfeet, which keeps her busy as well – visit www.clubfoot.ca to learn more!