Angus MacKay


Physiotherapist &
Clinic Owner

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About Angus

Born in Austin and raised in Kelowna, Angus has long had a love for the outdoors and a desire to help those around him. Looking to combine these two passions, Angus and his wife Sydney moved to Brisbane, Australia, to study Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland. While studying he was awarded the Judith Gould prize for academic excellence. He has been a part of Kids Physio since 2015 and has worn many hats along the way, all the while chasing the dream of opening a clinic in his hometown. In 2020 Angus and Sydney welcomed their daughter, Tilly, to the world and moved home to Kelowna. Angus is passionate about getting to the root of the cause of injuries, understanding how kids move and what makes each kid unique, and most of all helping children and families reach their goals. From babies to teens, Angus has experience with a wide range of both neurological and musculoskeletal conditions and is excited to help each and every kid get back to being a kid.


Education Background

NKT Level 1

Complete Concussion Management (CMI )

Introductory and Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation with Bernard Tonks (2020)