COVID-19 Safety Protocols

At Kids Physio Group, our goal every day is to promote the health and safety of all patients and their families, so we have implemented several safety procedures to do just that. Your session may look a little bit different, but we are committed to continuing to provide fun, world-class physiotherapy.

Thank you so much for your support, and for taking the time to read our policies and procedures.

Our Cleaning & Sanitizing Process

  • All staff and clients are advised to thoroughly wash or sanitize their hands before & after each session
  • Toys and equipment will be cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the day
  • Any extra sanitization of our spaces will be done between each visit – we will work hard to do this outside of treatment times, but it may mean that your visit occasionally starts a few minutes late

What can you do to support us?

  • Please do not come into the clinic if doing so would put others at risk
  • If you are unable or uncomfortable with attending in-person sessions at the clinic, Telehealth (aka virtual physiotherapy) is still an option for you and your child
  • Be patient! We are getting creative and trying new things to see as many clients as possible without sacrificing anyone’s safety, and sometimes that means growing pains. We appreciate your patience and always appreciate feedback


Do you still have a cancellation policy?

Yes, our regular cancellation policy is still in effect for both telehealth and in-clinic sessions. As you can imagine, a lot of preparation goes into getting ready for your appointment, so 24 hours notice is required to move or cancel an appointment. If you are booked for an in-person session but it is determined that you do not meet the pre-screening criteria, your session will be changed to a virtual appointment at the same scheduled time.

Will clients and parents be required to wear masks?

While masks are no longer mandatory in our spaces, we will always match your choice. Our clinicians will put on a mask if you or your child are wearing one.

How are you going to sanitize all those toys?

You may notice fewer toys available during your session, but don’t worry… we have carefully inventoried and separated everything to be sure our therapists will have all the tools they need to make your appointment fun and engaging. We have also created specific cleaning procedures for our different toys and equipment, which will be implemented regularly throughout the day.

Last updated: March 27th, 2023