Infant & Toddler Conditions

Kids Physio Group believes in the importance of varied positions, mat play and tummy time for infant development.  If you have questions about your child’s development or want to prevent common pediatric conditions such as plagiocephaly (flat heads) and torticollis (tight necks). It’s a great way to be proactive about your child’s development!

Head Shape Management

  • Flat head and skull asymmetries (plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, scaphocephaly)
  • Assessment and tracking of your child’s head shape
  • Education on positional treatment specific to your child
  • Treatment for neck conditions impacting the position preference
  • Referral to Certified Orthotist for headband/helmet screening and 3D head scan as required


  • Tight neck muscle(s) resulting in head twists and or tilt
  • Education on infant positioning in sleep, play and throughout the day
  • Hands-on stretching & strengthening techniques
  • Age-appropriate play-based exercises
  • Therapeutic Taping techniques

Low Tone, Delayed Milestones

  • Assessment to determine your child’s current level of gross motor function
  • Consistent treatment in fun environment to help your child achieve new motor skills